Note 24 Stock, shareholder’s equity, and distribution of profits

Number of shares A series Preferred shares Total
Antal aktier Stam A Pref.aktier Totalt
Company formation Bolagsbildning 50,000 0 50,000
Primary share offering Nyemission 36,577,109 1,644,450 38,221,559
As of December 31. 2016 Per den 31 december 2016 36,627,109 1,644,450 38,271,559
As of December 31. 2017 Per den 31 december 2017 36,627,109 1,644,450 38,271,559

All shares have a nominal value of SEK 1, with a registered share capital as of 12-31-2017 in the amount of 38,271,559 (38,271,559).

The shares consist of four classes of stock, series A and B ordinary shares and series C and D preferred shares. All ordinary and preferred shares of series B are entitled to 1 vote per share. Series A ordinary shares are entitled to 10 votes per share. All shares have been paid in full and no shares are reserved for transfer due to option agreements or other contractual arrangements. No series B ordinary shares have been issued.

Other paid-in capital

Other paid-in capital consists of share premiums from share subscriptions (share premium reserve).

Translation reserve

Translation reserves relate to exchange rate differences from the conversion of foreign operations to SEK, which are reported in “Other comprehensive income”.

Proposal for distribution of profits

The following proposals for the distribution of profits will be presented at the general assembly:

The following is available to the general assembly: 3,782,015,692
The board proposes that the following be distributed to shareholders: 0
The board proposes that the following be carried forward: 3,782,015,692

No dividends were paid in 2016 or 2017.