Note 1 General information

Lary 1 AB, EIN (“organisationsnummer”) 559064-1527, is a stock corporation registered in Sweden with a registered office in Malmö. The address of the main office is Box 31053, 20049, Malmö, Sweden. The corporation and its subsidiary’s (“the group’s” or “Atos’s”) business involves the development, manufacturing, sale, and distribution of medical devices, primarily relating to laryngectomy procedures. The composition of the group is described in Note 16.

Lary 1 AB, the parent company of the Atos Group, is a stock corporation that was 95.7% owned by Financiere Lary S.a.r.l as of the end of 2017. The remaining 4.3% is owned by employees of the Atos Group. PAI Partners supports Financiere Lary S.a.r.l via the PAI Europe – VI fund. The company has the purpose of directly or via subsidiaries to own and manage fixed and movable property and securities. The company shall also coordinate the activities of the company’s subsidiaries and/or other companies that are in group or other interest with the company and conduct other related activities.

The annual report and consolidated financial statements were approved for release by the board on April 25, 2018. The consolidated profit and loss statement, comprehensive income report, and report on the financial position as well as the parent company’s P&L statement and balance sheet will be subject to approval at the general assembly on April 25, 2018.