Comprehensive product portfolio for laryngectomy patients.

Fully integrated business system.

One of the largest sales ENT forces in the world.

Comprehensive portfolio

We have a long history of successful product innovation. Today, our portfolio is the broadest, most innovative set of products for laryngectomy patients.

Almost all of our products are developed and manufactured in-house. We operate from a state-of-the-art clean room and laboratory, which is required for successful R&D and manufacturing.

We have a strong and well-patented portfolio. The key products are protected by patents and trademarks. We have few competitor patents in the voice prosthesis, HME and adhesives fields, and the history of obtaining patents on a new generation of products is strong.

Fully integrated business system

We are the only player in the segment with a fully integrated business system – from R&D and manufacturing, supply chain and quality, to sales, marketing and customer service and business support.

The R&D team has a full in-house setup and is supported by a strong internal clinical affairs team as well as external advisory boards and patient advisory boards across our key countries.

A vast majority of the laryngectomy products are produced in-house at the manufacturing facilities in Sweden. The site has a proven track record of delivering efficiencies and our quality standards are best in class.

One of the largest ENT sales forces

We are the clear leader and only global player in the laryngectomy segment. All other players have only regional presence.

We have one of the largest dedicated ear, nose and throat sales forces in the world with direct presence in 20 countries and exclusive distributors serving more than 60 countries. We have ~175 sales representatives in the field in addition to a ~175 representatives in the Direct to Consumer (DtC) setup, engaging with and supplying the end users directly.