The Provox portfolio

Our product portfolio has developed over the last 30 years to give a voice to people who breathe through a stoma.

The Provox range enables people to speak after a total laryngectomy, despite having no voice box. It also allows people to breathe through their tracheostomy day and night while restoring pulmonary health.

Over the decades, there has been a steady flow of new total laryngectomy operations across countries. At the same time, clinicians and patients have an increasing understanding of – and demand for – voice and pulmonary rehabilitation. Typically, people undergo a total laryngectomy following larynx cancer or hypopharyngeal cancer, also known as throat cancer, while other indications such as human papillomavirus (HPV) are on the rise.

What is a laryngectomy?

During a total laryngectomy operation, the entire voice box is surgically removed and the airway is separated from the mouth, nose and esophagus. A new windpipe is constructed through a stoma in the neck. While being a life-saving operation, this procedure affects several vital functions such as speaking, breathing, swallowing and being able to smell.

Instead of breathing through the nose or mouth, people who have gone through a laryngectomy breathe through a tracheostoma. Cold, dry and dusty air can enter the windpipe directly through the stoma, which causes common pulmonary problems such as severe coughing, increased mucus production, irritation of the windpipe, fatigue and sleeping problems.

Products to suit different needs

To restore voice and pulmonary health, the Provox range offers different voice prostheses (VPs) for speaking and options for breathing through heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs). While the first Provox voice prosthesis was developed and launched in the 1990s, the Provox range offers several VPs today to suit different needs and clinical settings.

In 2017, we launched the Provox Vega Insertion System that allows more product users and clinicians to replace the Provox voice prosthesis. Following user demand, the HME range has developed into a portfolio consisting of HMEs for different situations and times of the day. For example, in 2017 we launched the first nighttime-specific solution, Provox Luna.

All HMEs are attached using adhesives, or to an alternative device such as a tube, in order to cover the stoma and provide a sufficient seal. We provide various accessories such as cleaning devices and skin care products to care for the stoma and the skin around the stoma, and to ensure correct function and optimal performance of the devices.

The Provox range is divided into three areas that all complement each other:


A voice prosthesis restores voice after total laryngectomy. It’s a one-way valve inserted between trachea and the esophagus. It is typically changed four times per year by a clinician due to leakage through the device.

Our key products include:

  • Provox Vega Puncture Set – a surgical kit including tools for the initial placement of Provox Vega voice prostheses that enables the patient to speak after a total laryngectomy.
  • Provox Vega Insertion System – a flexible insertion system for Provox Vega voice prostheses.


A Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) ensures pulmonary rehabilitation and helps to reduce coughing, mucus production and chest infections. Key function is to moisturise and heat up inhaled air. Changed indicatively twice per day by the patient.

An adhesive used to attach HMEs to the stoma. Different shapes and adhesive strengths available to accommodate individual patient needs typically changed once per day by the patient.

Our key products include:

  • Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow HMEs, Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice, Provox StabiliBase, Provox Luna.


Accessories are used by the patient on a daily basis.

Accessories for voice prosthesis cleaning and maintenance such as the Provox Brush, Provox Flush, dilators, measures and lubrication.

We continue to expand our accessories offering, which includes:

  • Provox Wipes – special wipes used to clean and protect the skin around the stoma, and to make it easier take off the adhesive.
  • Provox ShowerAids – accessories designed to keep the water out of the stoma and lungs while showering.

Total laryngectomy is a life changing procedure leading to permanent changes in speaking and breathing. Our product portfolio restores the ability to speak and helps the patient to breath better after total laryngectomy.

Before total laryngectomy.

After total laryngectomy.

After total laryngectomy, using Provox products.