Strong growth

Low penetration.

Improve compliance.

Upsides in Emerging Markets and tracheostomy.

Significant penetration opportunities in existing countries

The laryngectomy patient population remains severely underserved as lack of education results in patients settling for inferior alternatives, like oesophageal speech, electrolarynx, bibs and scarves.

The laryngectomy community remains very underpenetrated in most countries, both for voice prostheses and HMEs. The penetration is higher in the Nordics and Benelux, however far less than 50% in both Southern Europe and the US.

Scope to improve patients compliance

The average product usage per patient remains well below clinical guidelines across most countries.

As a result, we want to improve compliance to clinical guidelines through increased end-user education and interaction. We are well positioned to accomplish this in the field, on the phone and in the hospitals.

Further upsides from emerging markets and tracheostomy

We see a number of potential upsides, with significant revenue potential in emerging laryngectomy markets. Today we have a small but growing direct presence in Brazil, Poland and Hungary. Registration efforts are ongoing in China.

Significant revenue potential also lies in the adjacent tracheostomy product category where many of the same technologies and user dynamics apply. We have developed a selected range of sophisticated tracheostomy products. This portfolio is further strengthened with the acquisition of Heimomed (transaction was completed in January 2018).