Our corporate strategy ’Empowering our end-users’ means putting the user at the center of everything.

Since 2014, our user-centric strategy has enabled all functions and countries to focus and prioritize. ‘Empowering our end users’ is a growth strategy that builds on our core competences, and aims to raise the standard within the laryngectomy care segment and to serve everyone who has gone through a laryngectomy.

We have served the laryngectomy market for more than 30 years. Investments and focus in recent years have resulted in an increased understanding and appreciation of the unmet need – as well as the potential to serve more end users with existing and new products.

Deliver on our end-user commitment

Delivering on this commitment is about functions and markets embracing our end users and aligning our activities accordingly. It is through measureable activities, carried out by local teams and aimed at end users, that help the strategy come to life.

The aim is that no end user are left behind. All end users are offered information, products and support during phone conversations, face-to-face consultations at home or in hospitals, and/or during community events where several end users as well as health care professionals are present. This is called the ‘end-user commitment’ and is adopted and executed locally across markets.

Connect with our end-users to drive innovation

We have a strong heritage of innovation. From the development of the first Provox voice prosthesis to the latest consumer product innovations. Today, we have a strong pipeline of products that have been developed based on feedback from end users. Connecting with end users to drive product innovation is a strategic priority that will help us meet user needs.

Many of these needs are still unmet, e.g. products for different situations and individual people. That’s why we connect with end-users to drive innovation.

Enable our sales force to serve all end-users directly

Through focused investments, Atos Medical’s goal is to serve all end-users directly: support, sell and ship products to their home address within 24 hours. In many countries, we offer billing to public and private payers, including insurance companies, on behalf of end-users.

Through various channels and initiatives, we engage with end-users throughout the continuum of care. For example, we support people who have gone through a laryngectomy as they are discharged from hospital following surgery.

Serving end-users directly from the first order to ongoing support and shipments help us build relationships and develop an understanding of individual user needs. And while the share of new users increases, we continue to serve existing users year after year and across decades in some cases.

Inspire our people

Delivering on our strategy requires talented and dedicated employees that are inspired by our vision and values. It is critical for us to provide our people with an inspiring work environment, exciting roles, and opportunities to develop, both professionally and personally, especially when we expand our organization as much as we do.

In recent years we have been expanding the organization significantly. This has been a major recruiting and onboarding task for the entire organization to ensure the right quality of our new colleagues. Through this process, we have added numerous consumer profiles to our team, with new competences that allow us to engage and service the patient even better. We will continue to strengthen this effort going forward.