A Voice for Sustainability

Atos Medical’s sustainability efforts are based on clear and focused business strategy which is centered on end-users. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk management is integrated in the overall Enterprise Risk Management processes ensuring that activities not only make sense in a pure sustainability perspective but also support the business priorities.

Our key Environmental, Social and Governance priorities are Product Quality and Safety, and Personal Data Protection. A third prioritized area is the employees, as our high–growth agenda makes it imperative to focus on employee wellbeing and retention, thus protecting the employer brand.

2017 marked the re-organization and strengthening of our Environmental, Social, and Governance work, anchoring responsibilities in management and securing a robust reporting process. Operational responsibility for specific sustainability activities are assigned to members of the Management Team, while the Risk, ESG, and Compliance Committee is responsible for monitoring and directing the ESG efforts. Performance is reported quarterly to the Audit Committee, and the Board of Directors assesses the strategic ESG priorities at least once per year. Atos Medical does not engage in businesses that are subject to authorization.

In 2017, we reached a number of important ESG milestones:

  • First (Medical Device Single Audit Process) MDSAP Audit was passed
  • Code of Conduct “Giving Voice to Our Values” was launched in 5 key languages
  • Code of Conduct training campaign launched in new e-learning system
  • First ESG action plan (2017 – 18) established
  • Enterprise Risk Management process established, incorporating ESG risk management
  • Data Protection project started to secure timely compliance with the GDPR
  • KPMG ESG review performed concluding that Atos Medical maintains a robust ESG program