Chronic Care
patient model

Chronic Care patient condition.

Stable flow of loyal users.

Solid reimbursement.

Patients have a Chronic Condition

After surgery, people who have gone through a total laryngectomy need treatment for the rest of their lives (8–9 years on average).

Products need replacing regularly. Clinical recommendations are well established and are increasingly adopted across countries. Fully compliant end-users use around four voice prostheses a year, around two HMEs and one adhesive per day. In addition accessories are used when changing products.

Stable flow of loyal users

Products significantly improve users’ quality of life, and loyalty to particular products and brands is high. This means that users typically use our products for the remainder of their lives.

This patient loyalty is driven by the quality of our products and close continuous contact with patients, caregivers and clinicians across countries.

Solid reimbursement supporting improved quality of life for patients

Our products significantly improve patients’ quality of life. Our products restore the patient’s ability to speak and allow them to breathe better while restoring pulmonary health.

As a result of the proved benefits, we have over the past 25 years secured solid reimbursement for Lary products in all core countries. Our products are covered by national reimbursement with few exceptions. In general, the specific reimbursement terms are favorable towards the patient (e.g. no or limited co-pay).