Atos Medical at a glance

Giving people a voice since 1986


Atos Medical was founded in the south of Sweden by the brothers Gert and Jan-Ove Persson.


Through R&D in cooperation with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, we launched the first Provox voice prosthesis with the aim of improving voice rehabilitation after total laryngectomy.


Starting in the mid-1990s, we began our international expansion with subsidiaries in Europe and the United States.


Designed for early leakage, we introduced Provox ActiValve, our most advanced voice prosthesis, which contains magnets that prevent inadvertent opening.


For improved humidification and pulmonary rehabilitation, we introduced the Provox XtraFlow and Provox XtraMoist HMEs for use in various situations.


To meet growing demand, we expanded our R&D and manufacturing site in Hörby, which now houses injection molding, assembly, a tool shop, quality control, packaging, warehousing and over 150 of our employees.


To give more people the freedom to speak hands-free, we launched Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice. Provox StabiliBase is our most advanced adhesive, providing added stability when speaking hands-free.


We introduced Provox Coming Home to facilitate returning home from hospital for users, and to present relevant information and products in an intuitive, step-by-step manner to guide and support the users.


We launched Provox Luna, a night-time solution to help user have better nights and prepare for better days. We fully commit to our end-users through community events, home visits, service calls and direct delivery across all our markets.


We have over 30 years of experience in laryngectomy care, 20 offices and approaching 700 Atos employees worldwide.

Focused on helping people in the Laryngectomy area

We are the clear global leader in the laryngectomy segment. The Provox product range enables people to speak after a total laryngectomy, despite having no voice box. It also allows people to breathe through their tracheostomy day and night while restoring pulmonary health.

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Global reach with direct presence in 20 countries

We have direct presence through subsidiaries in 20 countries in addition to exclusive distributors covering more than 60 countries. We are one of the world’s largest ENT sales forces with ~175 field representatives in addition to a full scale Direct to Consumer setup with ~175 FTEs.

Committed to serving all end-users directly

We want to service all end-users directly and has the ability to do so in more than 20 countries. Activities includes end-user events, calls and delivery services. Over the years we have significantly grown the Direct to Consumer channel both organically and through acquisitions of local distributors.

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One of the world’s fastest growing Medtech companies

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